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Over 12 years of entertainment experience



DiGiTAL ENTERTAiNMENT is a DJ company owned and operated by John Carr, who likes to go by the name of DJ CyRo and is the orignal DJ CyRo, using this name since 1989.

This DJ company is focused on CUSTOMER SERVICE, first and foremost. Our main goal is to provide to you the reality of your vision for your event. We can use all the latest technology in sound and lighting and effects to bring your party to life, as well as years of experience in entertaining thousands of people.


Personally, as a DJ, DJ CyRo has performed at over 300 events since 2003, including many Birthday Parties of all ages, many many School Dances - from elementary to college, Graduation Parties, Company Holiday Parties, Pool Parties and many more. DJ CyRo has also even MC'd many sporting events such as Figure skating, baseball games, and miscellaneous fund raising competitions.


As a company, we strive for the best for our customers, and provide the utmost professionalism. This includes maintaining valid Liability Insurance and memberships in many professional organizations, in an effort to keep fresh and trained in all the latest business skills. We do that for you, so that we can provide the very best.


Finally, DJ CyRo understands that Value is very important, and Value means that you need to get the highest quality performance as the best availalbe price. We constantly try have the most competitive rates for any DJ company in the Baltimore area. We understand that many customers have many other expenses, so we do our best to meet your budgeting goals.

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