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How to Book DJCyRo for your event


Booking a DJ for your even is a fairly easy process...

The first step is to check to see if we are available. You can do this by clicking our Event Calendar which lists all our current booked events.

Then, to book, you have three (3) options.

Option 1: Fill out the form on my contact page

Option 2: Call the DJ (443-570-6700) and discuss your event. I will ask many questions about your event, to determine the proper package. 

Option 3: You an email me at DJCYRO@COMCAST.NET with your phone number, and I will contact you personally to discuss your event. Please include as much information as possible in the email.


A contract will be sent to you, either by email, US postal mail, or in person. I prefer to meet clients in person at a location of your choice.  Sometimes the venue is a great place to discuss your event and get more details. A personal meeting is not required, but highly recommended. At this meeting we can get to know each other, and that is when you can know for sure whether I am the right DJ for you.

When the contract and invoice is received, send in the agreed upon retainer fee and the signed contract to reserve your date.

Send in final payment for your entertainment before the date at the agreed upon due date in the contract. I will try to visit the venue, if it is within reasonable driving distance, and work out any issues with the venue manager, so your event will go as smoothly as possible.

Your event date arrives, and the party begins!!!!!

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