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Frequently asked Questions

Below are some answers to common questions when hiring a DJ for your event.

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What do I get when I hire/book DJCyRo for my event?


With DJCyRo, you get a professionally created high energy set list, and a DJ who has performed over 300 shows and knows how to read an audience.

The most common misconception is that a DJ is hired to just show up and play music.  If only it were that easy.  A professional DJ must not only have a vast collection of music, but he must also KNOW the music.  Growing a vast collection of music takes time and money.  In addition to the music, a DJ must have the proper equipment to put on a good performance.  Finally, the DJ needs to know how to put it all together; the music, equipment, presentation and show.


Do I pick the music to be played?


Most definitely!  In fact, I prefer it!  During the booking process, you will be given a login name and password to access our online request system.  This online form includes sections for your favorite artists/songs, as well as sections for songs you do not want to hear.  You can refer to the music page of this website for song ideas.


How interactive are you?


I am not afraid of the microphone!  While I'm not a cheesy radio DJ, with that radio DJ voice, I can and often do interact with the audience.  This mostly depends on the type of show.  For example, at an adult birthday party, or wedding reception, crowd interaction is very common.  However, at a teenage dance, or prom, or sweet 16, the teenagers don't really want to hear me unless I have something to announce, they just want pumping music.  Children's parties often require interaction, which is something I very much enjoy.


Can I get lights?


Unless I'm told not to do so, I provide a LED lightshow at every event!  These lights can be as small as a few lights for enhancement, or a full blown club-quality show, brought to every event.  The LED Lightshow is included FREE on the RockStar and SuperStar packages.  Not many DJ's are going to do that.  That's part of the value I provide for you!


How do you set your rates?


Most do not realize that hiring a DJ represents an extreme value over doing these activities yourself.  Of coarse, there is a price to pay for convenience, much like there is for everything that makes life easier.  When you realize how much a DJ invests into your event, and how much you are really saving, you will realize how much of a bargain you are really getting.

First, lets imagine that you wanted to rent the sound system a DJ uses.  Most companies that rent sound systems charge about 20% of the value of the equipment.  So, if you rented a system that costs $1500, the rental charge would be $300.  But you still need to pick it up, set it up, break it down and return it.  Do you want to do that on wedding or birthday?  That's just sound.  What about lights?  

Then someone needs to control the music that is played.  You COULD hook up a boom box, or MP3 player, but do you have all the right music.  Can an iPOD read the crowd?  Does it know when to pick the right song?  Who is going to do the announcements, or hype up the audience?  This is all part of the Service that the DJ brings to you.  

We determine our rates by factoring in a percentage of the value of the equipment brought to the event plus the rate of the service. 

Once this is all done, you will find that it is more VALUABLE, and definitely more convenient to hire a DJ service for your event.

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